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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.\nActively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC\n#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 13,000,000+ followers\nAn avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.\nMy goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun! \n\n


28:51Medical Racism & The Tragedy Of Dr. Susan Moore
10:32Doctor & Nurse Play Surgeon Simulator 2
Doctor & Nurse Play Surgeon Simulator 2Ogledi 375 tis.Pred 13 dnevi
7:37Doctor Reacts to Wild TikToks #4
Doctor Reacts to Wild TikToks #4Ogledi 896 tis.Pred 19 dnevi
10:56Doctor Ranks The MOST Accurate Medical Dramas
10:07Doctor Reacts To Simpsons Medical Scenes
Doctor Reacts To Simpsons Medical ScenesOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 27 dnevi
11:09Doctor Reacts To Home Alone Injuries
Doctor Reacts To Home Alone InjuriesOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred mesecem
10:08Doctors React To Markiplier’s Health Emergency
8:41Three Diseases Doctors Often Miss
Three Diseases Doctors Often MissOgledi 464 tis.Pred mesecem
9:11Medical Heads Up With Sam and Colby
Medical Heads Up With Sam and ColbyOgledi 301 tis.Pred mesecem
10:35Answering Sasha Spilberg’s Health Questions
8:53Real Doctor Takes A Career Test...
Real Doctor Takes A Career Test...Ogledi 578 tis.Pred mesecem
13:59Doctor Reacts to The Good Doctor COVID Episode
13:49Tricking Healthcare Workers With Medical Trivia
10:30Brad Mondo Roasts My Hairstyles & Styles My Hair
8:44Doctor Reacts To Bizarre Onion Medical Headlines
12:27I Treated Dr. Fauci in Bio Inc. Redemption
I Treated Dr. Fauci in Bio Inc. RedemptionOgledi 457 tis.Pred 2 meseci
10:02Law School vs. Med School: Which Is Harder?
8:58Doctor Reacts To Seinfeld Medical Scenes
Doctor Reacts To Seinfeld Medical ScenesOgledi 645 tis.Pred 3 meseci
10:09Doctor Mike Day In The Life | COVID-19
Doctor Mike Day In The Life | COVID-19Ogledi 1,7 mio.Pred 3 meseci
10:04Doctors React to Outrageous Medical Memes Ep 14
10:20Doctor And Nurse Play Would You Rather
Doctor And Nurse Play Would You RatherOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 3 meseci
9:27Doctor Reacts to Hilarious SNL Medical Sketches
9:39These Doctors Do What??? | Medical Reddit Review
8:31Doctor Reacts To Cringey TikToks #3
Doctor Reacts To Cringey TikToks #3Ogledi 4,5 mio.Pred 4 meseci
17:01Doctor vs Supermarket: Guess The Chef
Doctor vs Supermarket: Guess The ChefOgledi 513 tis.Pred 4 meseci
7:31Prank Calling Doctors...As A Doctor
Prank Calling Doctors...As A DoctorOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 5 meseci
13:06Doctor Reacts To FRIENDS Medical Scenes
Doctor Reacts To FRIENDS Medical ScenesOgledi 2,2 mio.Pred 5 meseci
11:48I Asked My Editor What He REALLY Thinks About Me
9:12Would You Trust A Doctor Dressed Like This?
19:55The Uncomfortable Truth About Reopening Schools
10:11Doctor Reacts To Memes That Are Actually Funny
10:10Doctor Reacts to AWKWARD TikToks #2
Doctor Reacts to AWKWARD TikToks #2Ogledi 4,6 mio.Pred 6 meseci
10:07My Response To Fatphobia Claims
My Response To Fatphobia ClaimsOgledi 3 mio.Pred 6 meseci
9:31Doctor Reacts to WILD Medical Tweets
Doctor Reacts to WILD Medical TweetsOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
11:59Doctor Fact-Checks President Trump On Coronavirus
11:10Doctor Reacts to BIZARRE Facebook Health Posts
9:07Doctor Reacts to HILARIOUS TikToks #1
Doctor Reacts to HILARIOUS TikToks #1Ogledi 4,5 mio.Pred 7 meseci
10:11Doctor Reacts To WILD Instagram "Health" Posts
8:54My Thoughts On Protests & Coronavirus Update
10:34Real Doctor FAILS as Sims 4 Doctor
Real Doctor FAILS as Sims 4 DoctorOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 7 meseci
9:31Doctor Reacts to NUTTIEST Medical Memes #12
11:42Real Doctor Reviews Minecraft Hospital Builds
37:23Doctor Fact-Checks PLANDEMIC Conspiracy
Doctor Fact-Checks PLANDEMIC ConspiracyOgledi 3,2 mio.Pred 8 meseci
6:37How Dogs Spread The Coronavirus
How Dogs Spread The CoronavirusOgledi 412 tis.Pred 8 meseci
7:23Doctor’s Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep
7:03These Doctors Are RECKLESS & WRONG.
These Doctors Are RECKLESS & WRONG.Ogledi 1 mio.Pred 8 meseci
6:21The TRUTH About Coronavirus Antibody Tests
The TRUTH About Coronavirus Antibody TestsOgledi 981 tis.Pred 9 meseci
10:38Real Doctors Play NEVER HAVE I EVER
Real Doctors Play NEVER HAVE I EVEROgledi 5 mio.Pred 9 meseci
10:37Doctors DRAGGED Over Coronavirus Statements
12:13Why I’m Still Running | Doctor Mike
Why I’m Still Running | Doctor MikeOgledi 583 tis.Pred 9 meseci
8:15Doctor Answers TOP 10 Coronavirus FAQs
Doctor Answers TOP 10 Coronavirus FAQsOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 9 meseci
14:25Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19
14:00Doctor Fact-Checks Politicians On Coronavirus
11:16Negotiating $50,000 N95 Masks To Battle Coronavirus
8:31Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy TheoriesOgledi 2,9 mio.Pred 10 meseci
11:40We NEED More Testing Kits! | Coronavirus Front Line
13:43Doctor Reacts to VIRUS Episode of CELLS AT WORK
9:37Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus
Doctor Fact-Checks Media On CoronavirusOgledi 6 mio.Pred 10 meseci
11:40Med School NEVER Prepared Me For This
Med School NEVER Prepared Me For ThisOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 10 meseci
12:54Coronavirus Is A PANDEMIC....Technically
Coronavirus Is A PANDEMIC....TechnicallyOgledi 2,7 mio.Pred 10 meseci
34:41Common Allergy Myths BUSTED
Common Allergy Myths BUSTEDOgledi 886 tis.Pred 10 meseci
9:54Nike Challenged Me...
Nike Challenged Me...Ogledi 513 tis.Pred 11 meseci
8:52Doctor Reacts to Reckless Medical Memes #11
12:21The UPDATED Truth About The Coronavirus (Feb 2020)


  • Dr Mike in this video🥺

  • Wait I don't understand, he is racist because he didn't take her seriously and she happens to be black? I've seen white people be turned away by doctors for treatment, what is their excuse? Wouldn't the logical conclusion be that this was an extremely irresponsible doctor? Also, those implicit bias tests have been observed to be complete nonsense by hundreds of psychologists.

  • Bro once just check Kenny Sebastians funny video abt doctors

  • "sleep by midnight" HuH, when? I sleep by 2 every night. 6-8 hours every night? Really? Like not 3 days. Come on!

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  • please react to 'Doctor Stranger'

  • I didn't see any racism, just overworked, or all equipment was in use. Only idiots jump to conclusions..

  • I wish we could mix the flu shot and Ebola shot together

  • As much as I'd hate to admit it, it is a racism PANDEMIC not an Epidemic (as the doctor rightly pointed out) Some countries are defenitely better off, but Racism still exists everywhere. And that is sad

  • I OVULATED when you said “Meow”!

  • In Canada there have been proven instances of doctors and nurses making bets over whether or not the Indigenous people who go to the emergency room are drunk, as well as not treating them fairly or with as much dignity as they do with other ethnicities.

  • They called a code blue for me, had anaphylactic reaction to the contrast.

  • With all that's going on, we can really use a meme video now Dr Mike

  • “Surgery room” 😂

  • A doctor who doesn't treat his patient as they wish isn't a doctor at all. If she has pain, give her something for the pain, If she wants remdesivir, Give her the approved drug.

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  • 5:36 gotta love how he reads this

  • 0:51 *The best part of the video*

  • Seems like a lot of people are treated like that, no matter what race you are.

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  • Hey bro I am trying for MBBS so is it easy to get into MBBS in USA than in India? Or it's kind same?

  • Everything is racist. Got it.

  • Can you react to any of the medical episodes on star trek, would be cool to see real medicine interact with fictional futuristic medicine.

  • I love when influencers with a big platform talk about hard topics especially racism. So thank you 🤍

  • Wtf is wrong with ppl this was someone’s life the color of someone’s skin changes nothing about the way they should be treated in all areas of life

  • Today I learned hand-washing hygiene

  • Trust the yid folks demons are most definitely trustworthy

  • 5:30 that laugh was everything lol

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  • Yes the truth about vax’s.🤣. Sheep

  • 3:49 i laughed so hard my brother was like are u ok? lmao

  • Reduce Stress Increase anxiety Ah yes.

  • Thanks Dr. Mike, nice recommendations. #Theprophetparty

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  • Love that you’re addressing this taboo issue. After living (barely)through 3 different health systems in California failing to give me proper care. I have had it and it seriously breaks my heart.

  • I feel like he didnt really get the challenge and maybe he needed a whole30 coach to guide him through the challenge and better understand the rules. Peas aren't whole30, and one of the whole reasons you do whole30 is to help change your relationship with food. I'm not sure he read the book. It would be nice to see Melissa's reaction to this video and he tips and pointes for this guy to be more successful next time.😊💗💗

  • My dad has tons of fluid on his lungs and can barely breath half the time what should I do?

  • This ladies story crushes my soul. I've had some very crappy doctors in my life of all races. My sister's ob/gyn dismissed her breast tumor w/o ordering a mammogram. :( He told her to lay off the potato chips and loose weight. 2.5 months later her nipple inverted and her breast became deformed from the tumor. My sister is white. Secondly, I want to talk about the medication issue here. I work in a medical university that has a full healthcare system and several hospitals. The government has made it very, very difficult for providers to prescribe narcotics. They have to jump through several hoops just to get access. Then everything they prescribe has to be proven to be appropriate if placed under scrutiny. This is all due to the opioid crisis. Third, we have to admit that over 70% of black children live in father absent homes. This issue causes a laundry list of devastating statistics. Why isn't this ever brought up? Especially in the medical field. Only about 20% of white children come from father absent homes. Fathers matter and without them children are more prone to a live of crime, poverty, illiteracy, depression, teen pregnancy and suicide. Let's do what we do in the medical field and get to the root cause of the symptoms.

  • outfit 6

  • It’s amazing that you didn’t put ads really says a lot

  • Medical racism and medical sexism are so real. My condolences to dr Moore’s family SAY HER NAME

  • Thanks! Now I can manipulate damage, pain, screaming, death, and etc. when creating my imaginary worlds more realistically. Including the time it takes to heal and who to see. Useful for a writer to use when creating action scenes n such

  • It’s so adorable when your Brooklyn accent comes out. And you speak Russian with a Brooklyn accent. ❤️❤️😎😎

  • I have a question.... what happens if I eat my nails? I bite my nails A LOT, and i'm sure other people do too, but I eat my nails...I swallow them so what would happen?

  • Idk why he reminds me of Jonah from the superstore

  • My heart breaks for her. I know you an extent how it feels, I have avascular necrosis that took a year before any doctor took me seriously. They didn't believe my pain based purely on age. Push, that's my best advice. Constantly push for better treatment, push for them to hear your voice. Noone deserves to be treated this way.

  • I'm a "frequent flyer" to the hospital and have been through multiple surgeries due to my illness, and I've been in many similar situations where doctors down play my pain. They even said the pain is only in my head and I would never leave the hospital if they give me pain med. They also missed the fact that I was bleeding internally until another doctor found out. The US healthcare system is a joke, so yeah, do advocate for yourself.

  • 8:46 I’ll try my best lol

  • Bear’s bone looked like it came from a mastodon.

  • I gave you a view and a like, but I cannot bare to watch another black person being abused by medical professionals. I know the pain first hand... I can’t bare to watch stories like this anymore. But thank you so so much for sharing. My heart aches cause I know this did not end well.

  • This was staged. It’s fake. Sorry.

  • THIS is how you use your privilege and platform to spread information and inspire conversations and hopefully contribute to dismantling the social institution of racism. Thank you, Doctor Mike.

  • Funny how trumps virus took 3 days but yet these doctors and scientists have saved the thousands that have doed

  • 8:18 i do that with my siblings lmao its from friends its my fav show!

  • This dude did the unthinkable... HE INFECTED GREENLAND

  • I hope covid is like the chicken pox😐

  • i still want answers why kevin knows how to do all theses traps yet doesn't know how to pack his soup case

  • Racism SUCKS! Everyone is human! No matter what skin colour! Different coloured eggs, same yolks!

  • Kudos doctor!👏👏👏

  • Is it racism or was he just a terrible doctor, or perhaps it's both.

  • I wish this guy was my doctor

  • THANK YOU, house is kinda annoying, my mom watches house and greys anatomy and BONES a lot, when I was about four or older my mom and I would watch bones and I was unfazed by the bodies now I can’t handle them-

  • O Lord my God, in You I put my trust; Save me from all those who persecute me; And deliver me, 2 Lest they tear me like a lion, Rending me in pieces, while there is none to deliver. 3 O Lord my God, if I have done this: If there is iniquity in my hands, 4 If I have repaid evil to him who was at peace with me, Or have plundered my enemy without cause, 5 Let the enemy pursue me and overtake me; Yes, let him trample my life to the earth, And lay my honor in the dust. Selah

  • 6:44 well that was kinda of creepy lmao love your vids dr. mike