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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC
#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 13,000,000+ followers
An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!


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  • I think Dr. Mike knows everything about health.

  • WhAt AbOuT RoLLeD OaTs BrO?!?!?

  • Bro I’ve never heard of this and as you can tell by my name and pfp I am an anime fan

  • that's a really nice shirt

  • The spider story actually could happen with me I feel u

  • dr.mike please react to my 50 cal exploded from Kentucky balistics

  • It’s hard watching dr.mike get roasted like this it makes me physically ill


  • Something about watching a doctor use slang while talking about professional medical uses and opinions kinda sits like when your mom or dad use slang to to try to feel more relatible, not right

  • I prefer smoothies to fruit, MOST of the time, but when I make them, I make them from scratch myself, not a premade mix or anything, and rarely premade smoothies. I feel the slight decrease in fiber is worth the other nutrients. Besides, I eat other high fiber veggies.

  • This was exactly how you needed to respond and I'm so proud of you for not apologizing!! THANK YOU!! Golly. It's like saying a dentist is plaquephobic because they tell you your teeth need to be cleaned. You choose to go to the doctor to find out how healthy you are/how to be more healthy. It is not fatphobic or fat shaming for them to give you the answer. My goodness.

  • why is it when you cry your nose starts running?

  • I’m overweight because of a chronic illness I have. I can’t control that I gain weight because of the medication that I have to take. Dr. Mike talks about that in his video. But we can still make ourselves healthier with lifestyle changes even if we’re medically overweight. I was able to start feeling healthier and even lost 5 pounds in 2 days after I started making healthier choices. It’s not about being “fat phobic” or “fat shaming” because obviously he’s not doing that. He’s simply telling us that WE have the power to make ourselves as healthy as we can. Even when we are medically overweight like me.

  • Bare is longer than you

  • wheres butters liposuction

  • If I washed my hair every day I'd go through hairdryers a lot, my hair is long and I love having long hair so showering and washing hair every day would be exhausting expensive and ruin my hair.

  • Is it just me or Dr Mike could be casted as James Potter?

  • People will find anything against you, when you tell them something they don't want to hear, regardless of how true it is. What a world.

  • I have a congenital skull defect so rare, it was on mystery diagnosis, my defect is called Arnold Chiari Malformation Type one. Unlike the girl the episode was about, I didn't pass out, but when my symptoms got worse in my late 20's, I would cough and suddenly be hit with spinning vertigo, and pain at the top of my head that felt like an icepick had been driven into it. Meds have helped, but when this was happening, I couldn't work for about four years due to being bedridden for weeks at a time due to back aches and mind grains. I was also struggling to stand up when first getting.out of bed, my legs would be week and stuff. Though I was going to end up in a wheelchair. Life is so much better now. I've also donated a kidney, and had a kidney in the remaining one. Never want to go through that pain again, was worse than donating the kidney.

  • I thought the most disrespectful question would be "can you write a script for me?" I hear that complaint so often from my colleagues.

  • Sayid’s gun powder scene reaction was the best 😂

  • La La La La La

  • 5:53 Illuminati

  • I can't imagine you Doctor Mike being scared of goats 🐐 who seems taller than them.

  • why am i even watching this

  • okay this show seems terrible now that dr mike analyzed it hahah

  • Is it proper to take a bath if I didn't sleep during the night?

  • he should do one for Chernobyl

  • Well I come from a country where it's expected to shower everyday and not be a disgusting being for others around you

  • Me: hmm interesting *takes bite of big mac*

  • I've seen him in movies before like August Rush, Willy Wonka, And some others

  • You should watch happy tree friends medical scenes (gonna say now, it gets gory)

  • When I was swimming before COVID I thought I lose a lot of pounds because of how much I was moving I was working out, moving everything in my body and we were moving too I was helping out with moving boxes and watching my baby sister. So when I went to the doctor a while ago they said that I was overweight and it hurt like a lot but i know if I work out and eat well that I can lose my weight

  • Him: "try it rn.." Me: *if I touch my jaws rn then this will be the end of me and these new brackets*

  • Can you talk about ahdh please

  • srsly this kind of people exist in reddit?

  • Ah yes fatphobia, I have a irrational fear for fatness

  • They should call it Tik Tok General

  • man i liked billy :(

  • For CPR, you can do "Stayin' Alive," or to troll you could do "Another One Bites The Dust"

  • It's called a head mirror. You're supposed to flip it over your eye and look through the hole. It then illuminates what you look at.

  • And you could always eat cucumbers and radishes due to their low calorie/100g ratio, and they are quite satiating.

  • ohhh, I shower 30 mins to 1 hour a day. I have a show there, sometimes it's movie, sometimes it's musical. It depends on the songs I'm listening to

  • Video: wear your best dress look the best when on your period Me: totally the opposite

  • "We dont have any reason to think this is dangerous." Well you dont have any reason to believe it ISNT dangerous either with that logic

  • Sometimes my neck makes this sizzling or fizzing sound like pop rocks or soda. It usually happens in the morning and only when I’m starving. It feels like an alternate tummy grumble but just in my neck and very annoying. What’s up with that?

  • If you haven’t seen this show you MUST watch it

  • Lindelof, your facial surgery didn't trick us, you still 've got the same voice!

  • I think you are an ENFJ.

  • please react on korean medical dramas too🙏🙏

  • It’s not fatphobic to say obesity is bad

  • Hair foggles

  • Doctor Mike being sassy in the first 3 minutes.. now that’s fantastic. 🤣

  • THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holby City

  • When I was very young we knew two women who survived polio. My mom would take care of the elderly woman, who was paralyzed from the neck down, and her daughter, who's legs were paralyzed, would babysit me and my sister. She wore leg braces and could walk without bending her knees. One day she was making us lunch and the curtains in the kitchen window caught fire. She was frantically trying to put it out when she fell. I remember her clawing desperately to get up but she couldn't. Eventually the curtains were in ashes and the fire went out. She just lay on the floor sobbing. They were devout Catholics, the elderly woman wanted her grandson vaccinated, but her daughter remained against it.

  • as a person who has been playing the sims for 20 years, this is painful to watch💀

  • What do you mean should you shower daily, isn’t that a thing?

  • There's a cancer double episode it's brilliant

  • 1:33 ✨👌

  • I love both the talk of shower and working out. It all depends on situation.

  • I live in near the equator and I take a bath 2-3 times a week😁

  • Isn't sharing cases a hippa violation? Or is it a pass because no names are presented.

  • I would love to invite you to comment the ALL SERIES that would be better than any Zach Snyder's Cut . "Lost the Doctor Mike's Cut " IGN " a great new look on a forgotten series, a must watch !" NME "Hilarious" Rotten Tomatoes "The cut of the year"

  • So many things I got to learn. This video is really good.

  • 10:03 😏🤪

  • I thought you would have brought you that cheesecake he loves. Donuts are good and if you can have pizza you could have had a donut.

  • You should call out someone being THIS unhealthy the same way you would call out a heroin addict if you truly care about them

  • I can not stand this show 😵 but love this channel 😁

  • Nobody: Mike: *I TASTED THE BABY SALIVA*

  • Dear Dr. mike, I also came from another country in 1957 and I Went to kiddie Garden first grade they told us we cannot speak or language that we live in United States. United States don’t have a language thank you for putting this video up and thank you for being yourself sincerely Lorenzo

  • Since when it comes to medicine my body is doing the work, then the doctor should be paying me for their treatment.

  • Mind you, they kept telling me I had acid reflux and kept telling me to take tablets for it, that wasn't helping. It got so bad, I couldn't get to sleep at night for a whole week and had to work, do school runs, my coursework and take care of the kids. Due to the pain, I had only bites of food and It burned when drinking water so I was only able to sip a bit for 2 days. I ended up phoning the hospital, they called me in straight away, after a load of tests and scans, I had kidney stones, inflamed gallbladder and a severely inflamed oesophagus. I was on a drip, morphine and codeine and nil to mouth for about 3 more days until surgery.

  • I shower twice a day otherwise I stink

  • And here we are in 2020...

  • You should react to Bellevue Hospital on netflix!

  • 1:49 “That’s a seagull” 👁👄👁

  • Dr know that adderall is absolutely NOT METHamphetamine, right? Dextroamphetamine and methamphetamine are two different things. Both are CNS stimulants, yes, but saying that it's literally meth is just..not true :-/

  • 9:04 We are of the same people that thrive under pressure. "Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure - that burns a building down" (David Bowie and Queen, 1995)

  • well, at least dr. Mike learned by now you can get super glue off of someone's hair 😂😂😂